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Natalie Kozak

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Natalie Kozak

Natalie Kozak

Surgical Assistant


Natalie is one of those rare Southwest Florida residents now-a-days; she was born and raised in Fort Myers. Spending a great deal of time with a childhood friends’ parents’ veterinary office inspired Natalie’s interest in the veterinary field. She has now been working in the field since 2007 and absolutely loves helping all the different animals that come into SVS for treatment.

Natalie went to school for human health care and dance and ran a laboratory where she learned to be a surgical tech. She also became a trained medical assistant until the opportunity to work for a specialist in the veterinary field arose, where her true passion for animals lies.

Natalie’s other passion is dance and performing arts. In addition to performing, she is a dance instructor and choreographer. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her amazing daughter and of their crazy cast of pigs, goats and dogs.