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Mason Lusk, CCRP

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Mason Lusk, CCRP

Mason Lusk, CCRP

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner


Mason was born in Fort Myers, Florida. As an only child being raised on a ranch, Mason found himself often surrounded by a pack of hunting or cow dogs. During his adolescence, his appreciation grew for the loyalty and companionship that dogs could offer, and his interest in keeping the pups happy and healthy began to solidify itself.

Mason knew at an early age that his career would lead him to veterinary medicine. He attended veterinary technician school and graduated from Heritage Institute in 2015. He pursued his career further and became certified as a Canine Physical Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee, following the footsteps of Dr. Jason Eisele and Valerie Webb, who he had apprenticed under since 2014 in the Rehabilitation Program. After seeing many success stories in rehab, Mason is confident in his abilities to get our furry companions up and mobile again.

Today Mason lives in Lehigh Acres where he tends a large home garden with many varieties of fruits and chilies. He has four dogs; Lillie, Addie, Kinky and Ozzy. In his spare time, he enjoys welding and training his dogs. A long-term personal goal for Mason is to save enough money to open a successful plant nursery where he can grow and sell plants that thrive in Florida’s sub-tropical climate.