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Katheryn Tabares

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Katheryn Tabares

Katheryn Tabares

Veterinary Technician


Kathryn has lived in the Fort Myers area since August 2014. She went to high school in the Fort Lauderdale area where her mom and older sister still live. She goes back home on occasion to visit.

Katheryn loves the veterinary field because she gets to see the impact that animals really make on our lives.  She decided to become a vet assistant to gain the experience and hours in the field.

Katheryn had one cocker spaniel named Kookie (yes, with a K not C) from the time she was 10 years.  It will be 2 years in August since his passing and she miss him everyday. But Kookie is also her motivation to continue working in the veterinary field.

She enjoys volunteering at the Gulf Coast Humane Society when she is not working or in school.